Zinc is becoming more and more popular as a material for bespoke items such as guttering/flashing and table tops.

Bespoke Zinc Shutter
Bespoke Zinc Shutter

The joining process of this material is more specialised as a soldering method is required. This is more time consuming and therefore can lead to a more expensive product.

Zinc Worktop


Zinc worktops are becoming very fashionable, as well as very practical for its use. Scratches and spillages all add to the patina look.


Below is a beautiful example of a fabricated zinc table top, designed with the client to achieve her desired look. The zinc sheet was folded around the supplied MDF worktop, with decoratively radiused, soldered corners, blended to create a stunning unnoticeable joint. The table top was then left out in the rain for months over the winter to achieve a natural weathered finish.

To complement the zinc table top, we fabricated a mild steel frame with angled legs and swivel adjustable feet, all powder coated to match the clients dining chairs. An all round accomplished job and a very happy customer.

Zinc guttering has a very authentic look and once weathered looks very similar to the original lead guttering.

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